I am a french Computer Science engineer, and I have made it my passion since I discovered this domain in 2013.

I am currently a software developer at Mitek Systems. Learn more here.


I’m interested in Artificial Intelligence and how it works. I made a nice project around emotion detection with some friends during my last year for my Master’s Degree.

My natural curiosity pushed me to learn new things (languages, technologies, etc.), and I try to use them on my personal projects from time to time.

I also like maths, video games, TV series, and piano.


  • Languages: C/C++, Python, Go, C#, Java, JS
  • Environment: Git, Linux, Docker, Mercurial, and a bit of Windows

And I know my way around networking.

This website#

This website has been developed using Hugo.

The theme used (with small tweaks) is “terminal” made by panr.